Bluetooth Keyguard

Use your bluetooth peripheral as a key to your phone.


  • v1.3 (20100227)
    • Check to see if a pattern is set before toggling the lock pattern setting
  • v1.2 (20100226)
    • Add a new option to disable keyguard completely when connecting a bluetooth device
  • v1.1 (20100111)
    • Force pattern lock to be enabled when resetting bluetooth state
  • v1.0 (20091225)
    • First version


  • Optionally disable the keyguard altogether; pressing the power button will bring you to the home screen or whatever last activity you were on while the phone is unlocked. This feature can be used even if a pattern is not configured
  • Select any paired bluetooth device to automatically bypass the pattern lock screen on your phone
  • Multiple devices can be configured to unlock your phone, and your phone will only lock when all devices have disconnected.
  • Security: connecting the bluetooth device alone is not sufficient for unlocking your phone, if your phone is locked while connecting, the pattern must still be entered; thereafter, the phone will remain unlocked until the device disconnects.

Developed for Android 2.0 and later.

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