Hi guys,

I don't know how to start, so let me start by one of my short papers about homeless people ^_^

Money can’t buy everything but sometimes it’s a facility that can help us carry out our aspirations; if I had $10,000, I would donate it to Salvation Army, a non-profit organization that takes care of poor and homeless people. One reason that makes me want to help poor and homeless people is their inability to protect and support themselves, they need our help. Last year, my professor asked me to report about television news so I watched TV every day; one of the reports made me really sad and ever since then I started to pay more attention to homeless people. The news spoke about hundreds of homeless people who are being attacked or killed by other people without reasons every year. They can’t hide or get support from the government because they are homeless, they just stay out in the street and struggle with weather, cruel strangers or even dogs. The second reason is that I want to feel peace and relief everyday of my life. Sometimes when I come back home from a fancy restaurant or from shopping with my husband, I see homeless people standing in the street, asking for help, it makes me very ashamed and I feel like I’m an selfish girl. They stand there every day just want to get enough necessities while I complain about my clothes, too much homework to do, or don’t have enough shoes. The last reason, I think we help homeless or poor people means we help to diminish crime and make communities safer because crime is also often comes from the poor and needy. For these reasons, I think about the ways I can help them, if I had $10,000, I would donate it to Salvation Army so they can use that money to help the poor and homeless have a place to stay or a meal every day. However, I don't have $10,000, instead, I'll do what I can, lending them a hand to help make their day a little easier.

So, did you guys read it? If not, it's about helping homeless people, would you like to join me? I thought about this a long long time ago and I actually have donated some money to a group of friends in SF to giving out food for homeless people every year. This year, I thought, why don't we do it here, why just donate money? So here I start. Please join me, help me to give something back to America, we have been helped and given a lot of good opportunities in this country. Now we can help, especially with this economic time. We may not do it big, we may not do it well but at least we'll try. I'll buy some canned foods (sausage, corn, beans,...) fruit and socks and I'll need help packing them and giving them out. I need people ^_^ because I can't do it by myself. Right now our group has several people (some friends, my husband and me) so please join us. We can arrange a time (we would do it in the morning on a Friday or weekend) or if you can't go, it would be very nice if you could donate food or money.

Have a nice day,

The girl who talks a lot. Han

^_^ Any question or donation please contact Han Luu


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