About us

This is the personal site of Perry Nguyen and Ngoc Han.

All opinions and views are our own and not endorsed or supported by our respective employers, if any.

About this site

In an effort to find software to suit our needs in blogging and a web photo album we have decided to develop our own solution. Several goals include ease of use, seamless integration, and valid XHTML output.

To achieve our goals, we utilize the following software and technologies:

Because it's portable and lends itself well to elegant design.
A Servlet 2.4 compliant container.
PostgreSQL & TSearch2
The best RDBMS on a budget plus free-text search
Excellent IoC/Dependency Injection library, among other things
Object graph navigation used in our Web MVC design
Instead of a full ORM, we use this SQL mapping tool.
Java port of Markdown, a readable text markup tool.
Cougaar's SecureJNDIRealm
LDAPS support for Tomcat's JNDIRealm
For static content, use XML to easily create content
Performs watermarking and image rotation.
drewnoakes EXIF extraction
Automatically determine JPEG orientation
incava java-diff
Diffing algorithm used to compare journal entry revisions
Apache Jakarta Commons HttpClient & Codec
For the JNLP app (HanHuy Journal/Album Manager) to invoke Web Services located on our server
Silk Icons from famfamfam.com
They're free, they're plentiful, and they're pretty!

To reduce comment, pingback and/or trackback spam, we moderate all feedback postings. The moderated postings will still be available for public view, but will not be accessible or indexable by search engine spiders. This should eliminate the profitability of spamming.

The progress of development is tracked on our local svn trac installation.