Last Modified: September, 2021

Perry Nguyen - Resume


A Senior Software Engineer with broad expertise delivering delightful experiences to millions of users, looking to make large impacts at organizations across any industry.

Technical Skills

Software Development

Other Technologies

Work Experience

  • Android Tech Lead
  • April, 2020 – Current
  • PayPal

Lead two feature teams implementing and deploying new features to the Venmo Android application. Features such as QR code payments, Pay-with-Venmo, American Express integration, etc.

Drive cross-functional planning from a technical perspective with sizing, assignment and refinement of stories.

  • Technology Consultant
  • April, 2012 – July, 2021
  • Perrin Technologies Inc.

ATAP, Google (2017-2020): Provide Android Technical Leadership for Jacquard. Design and deliver provably correct SDKs for third-party consumption. Architect features and new application deliverables.

Open Source Contributions (2012-2017): Own and contribute to multiple projects including sbt-android which adds Android capabilities to Scala SBT and supported thousands of developers.

TeleNav (2017): Contribute to the development of Scout GPS Link for Toyota.

PayPal (2016): Develop Material Design design features and improve overall polish on the Android application that shipped during Superbowl 50. Implement Sketch design files from conception to fruition.

Viacom (2014): Create the new Comedy Central app for Android, allowing users to stream and watch videos from anywhere. Launched to thousands of positive reviews, and millions of downloads.

A&E (2013): Develop Android TV Everywhere applications for A&E, Lifetime and the History Channel. Responsibilities include ownership of authentication, authorization and the video player component including all associated analytics, subtitling, advertising requirements and HLS support.

Silver Spring Networks (SSNI, 2013): Create Java maven plugins to implement software installation frameworks. Implement smart-grid configuration management systems with Scala, storage area networks and relational databases.

TDAmeritrade (2012): produce a newly re-designed Android application for two large financial services firms. Unit tests are implemented with Scalatest+Robolectric and automatic builds with SBT and Jenkins.

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • March, 2010 – May, 2012
  • Authentic8, Inc.

Principal engineer of the Authentic8 Browser, based on Mozilla's browser engine, including JavaScript and XUL.

  • Principal Software Engineer
  • January, 2008 – January, 2010
  • Zimbra, a Yahoo! company (now a VMWare company)

Created a new email toaster (popup notification application) in Java. Interacts with Zimbra over SOAP to to provide message notifications. Open-sourced at

Created a new system for gathering multi-server statistics onto a centralized server. Implemented a SOAP interface to request and plot this data in realtime.

Maintained Zimbra's Apache modules for Yahoo!'s Zimbra hosted environment. Leveraged memcached to improve performance of the module, reducing request times several seconds each; a factor of 20-30x.

Developed tools to enhance the admin suite: consistency checking, licensing, tracking, etc.

  • Software Engineer
  • June, 2003 – December, 2007
  • IBM Silicon Valley Lab

Designed and created a new, faster, easier-to-use interface for interacting with Rational ClearQuest, utilizing JPA, JAX-WS and Mozilla XUL/JavaScript for developing reusable a Web Service and an easy-to-use Firefox extension.

Architected, designed and implemented a robust and extensible build status reporting system on J2EE, WebSphere and DB2. Instrumented and provided an API for a large set of build tools (including Ant) to update status utilizing JMS and custom socket communications. Developed an admin console using JSP, custom tag libraries, LDAP and servlet filters. Allowed collaborative work on status records through the deployment of Wikis. Trained team members to develop in a J2EE and application server development environment using Rational tools.

  • Software Engineer
  • September, 2000 – May, 2002
  • EXP Systems, Inc. (defunct)

Designed and created enterprise java applications utilizing WebLogic, XML, XSLT and Oracle; J2EE projects included systems for automated e-mail notifications, image management, free-text and parametric search. Created build tools for integrating and simplifying software releases, optimizing a 3 hour release process into 15 minutes.

  • Sr. Unix Systems Administrator / Software Developer
  • October, 1998 – July, 2000
  • DoughNET, Inc. (defunct)

Designed and developed an email anonymizer addressing and delivery system. Developed an in-house application to graphically browse, query and execute procedures on an Oracle database. Built and maintained all corporate and development servers. Created tools to facilitate management and deployment of the server farm. Maintained firewall security policies for both office and datacenter networks as well as VPN connections with partner banks. Installed and configured networking hardware and appliances including cabling, routers, load-balancers and switches.

  • Software Developer
  • June, 1996 – September, 1998
  • IBM Santa Teresa Labs / Almaden Research Center

Prototyped and developed a Media Management System applying cutting-edge technologies (e.g. Java AWT, Swing, NMI (JNI precursor) and DB2 with free-text and QBIC image search extensions); Demonstrated Media management system at NAB 1997. Maintained MPEG decoding and analysis software to detect and generate image storyboards based on video stream content. Created a testing library for a digital ad-insertion system for the broadcast industry.

  • Systems Integrator
  • October, 1995 – May, 1996
  • Medweb, Inc.

Pioneered an ahead-of-its-time Java applet that allows doctors to view MRI and X-ray results online. Created service applications to allow remote doctors to view patient data including MRI and X-ray imaging.